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By ordering a personal commission you are agreeing to these terms and conditions


Accepted Payment method: PayPal Only (£) BRITISH POUNDS GDP
Payment must be sent before commission has started.


These commissions prices are for personal use only.

You must not sell, use commercially or earn money from this commission.


Personal Use does not allow the commissioner or person which the artwork has been made for to have any rights of the artwork created. This means that the client (commissioner or person that has received the art) may not sell or commercially use the art piece.

Personal use includes not being able to use the artwork for charity work or merchandise even if you are not making money. 

This also includes that personal use artwork should not be used in advertised, promotion or sponsored content.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to work with a charity or use my art to promote anything.

Please see here for full information on personal, commercial and full licenses:

By commissioning me you are accepting the terms and conditions of my licenses so please make sure to read them fully and arrange a license you agree with. A commercial and full license is an additional fee to the personal commission prices. Personal commission prices are listed under Commission Menu:


Contact through message on the following social media:

Instagram DM, Discord message or KoFi Commissions.

Kofi Commissions:




Client must be above 18 years old which is the terms to use Paypal.

Client must provide clear reference pictures of the characters that will be drawn in the commission. 
Client may provide reference pictures of poses, lighting, colours or background designs they would like in the commission. 
Please note that I do slightly change designs that have been taken from other Artist's creations without their permission.
This is to avoid me getting in trouble but also to give the client their own design.

Size of the canvas in pixels and DPI 

I usually create my artwork at 300 DPI with a canvas size of 3000 x 3000, 2500 x 4000 or 5000 x 2480 
It is the client's responsibility to let me know which canvas size and DPI is required for their commission or if they need a custom canvas size or DPI.

CMYK, RGB or both 

It is the client's responsibility to let me know if the commissioned piece requires CMYK, RGB or both colour formats before the commission has started. This is as the primary software that I create with does not easily allow me to change between colour formats. Extra time is required if both colour formats are needed. If the client is unsure of which format is needed then please ask for both. 

Commissions are automatically created in RGB (As this format is best for posting online). If the client does not request CMYK then the commission will be made in RGB. 

This is important to look into as most printing companies will print in CMYK and it is important that the correct colour format is selected for the client's needs. (Otherwise the colours will not come out correctly).

File Type 

It is the client's responsibility to let me know which file type is needed for the commission, JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, GIF etc.  
If the client does not let me know then they will receive a JPEG file of the commission.

Intended use of commission

I create each commission with intention, (example an illustrated post online or book illustration etc). Each commission is made for the client's intention for how the art piece is to be used. This is because an art piece made for a profile picture for example may not be the best to put on a t-shirt or merchandise due to the brushes I have used or the colour format used. 

It is the client's responsibility to inform me of how the commissioned piece will be used so that I can effectively create an art piece best for the client's needs.


Client must provide way to contact them and send the final commission to. 

Examples of contact: 

Email, Twitter, Instagram, Discord.


Please let me know if you have a deadline for your commission.
Commissions may take between 7-20 days to complete I will update you with the process of your commission and will wait for you to confirm each step of the process before moving on to the next step of the commission.
Please respond back so that I can complete the commission quicker.

If the commission is delayed I will do my best notify the client ahead of time.


I do not draw pictures with NSFW / 18+ themes.
I do not draw logos, NSFW, 18+, Gore, Political, Hate, Controversial, Harmful,
Smoking, Drug, Alcohol related artwork.
I do not draw cars, mecha, robots or detailed landscapes.


I do draw stylized, anthro, sonic, anime, human artwork, animals, detailed characters, detailed armour and weapons.
Fantasy Creatures may be charged extra.


Refund is not available after final art has been approved by you (the client).
I will contact you when the finished art has been completed, you may respond back to change details.
You may be charged extra for big changes in the art (if you have previously agreed to the WIPs).

Refunds may be given if I am not able to complete the art commission. 

I have the right to refuse commissions.



By commissioning me it is understood that you do not share my personal details including my email and name and that I shall respect your privacy details too. Please do not ever post my first name online or address me by it. Please address me as JLP or JLPhillips, Thank you. If you have a preferred name you wish me to use please let me know, you may also let me know which accounts I am ok to tag you in as the client / commissioner of the final posted piece.

If you fail to keep my privacy this is classed as doxxing and you will be put on my blacklist.



All artwork for personal use must be credited properly.

How to credit:
J.L.Phillips @JLPhillipscreations 

(@JLPhillipsArt if on Twitter)


Credit must be listed in the post / video / content description when art when is posted.

For Example, A profile picture must credited @JLPhillipsCreations in the bio. 

Example for an online post may include my name (J.L.Phillips) and tag (@JLPhillipsCreations) under Artist

A link to my website is not required but is appreciated.

Personal use comes with watermarked artwork that may not be removed, cropped, covered or edited.

Watermark must be visible in the post / video / content. 



Changing and editing your personal use commission.

I do not allow the use of tracing, editing, recolouring, adding filters, AI alternation or training to be used for personal use commissions and artwork.

If you would like your commission or art piece received to be edited or changed please feel free to contact me and I will ask for a donation for the changes you wish to add / remove from your commission. Please note that my commissions are roughly priced about £10 per hour as by min wage for 23 year olds + in the UK, so please bare this in mind when donating for changes and asking for what changes you wish for.


Failure to meet the terms and conditions agreed upon may result in legal action required and you will be placed on to my blacklist.

Which is a list of people I will no longer work with in the future.

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