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Set on a planet called Nabiru lives many different alien races and home to an Andromedan named Cia who believes she lives a second life on Earth as a human, going between the two worlds in her daily life.

With the help of her adopted Pleiadian sister, Ilyana they both work together to find out why Cia seems to be connected to Earth and break the tie so that Cia can live a consistent life in peace from her troubling Earth trauma and past. However they quickly discover that it isn't as easy as they seem to think it will be and find themselves caught up in unexpected trouble, Discovering that this experience that Cia is facing goes way deeper than just Cia herself and is a troubling problem.

Cia often lives a reckless life believing that nothing is truly real which Ilyana usually has to rescue her from. Ilyana is part of the high council and considered a reputable and respectable person but finds her reputation is often questioned by her sister, Cia's actions and decisions.



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