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Persona Projects also named "Artist Egos" are short comics based on real stories and lessons that I have been through in life. The main persona character named JLP is spilt into serval characters which are aspects of my personality or identity in a way which I view myself.


JLP is the representation of me as a character online and my stories are often changed or have aspects based loosely on my reality to tell stories which I feel are meaningful or important.


The character spilt is inspired by Carl Jung's theory of the subconscious mind and are often healing ways to views aspects of life.


JLP is the creator and the creator character of all the stories and comics. She often is seen as a future or alternative version of characters from my stories and comics, As my stories often are based on life and brought me comforts at different stages of life.


JLP is often seen with Rain and Divina which are very tall entities seen as the "higher and shadow self" and are often part of JLP's decision making.

JLP can also be found with a character named The Passer which is the only character which crosses fully into each story made. The passer is often seen as the figure of death however doesn't truly know what death is and despite a scary looking entity, they offer comfort before passing to the next stage to all characters.


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