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NetherRhi is set in a universe where Spirits, Goblins and Humans live.

Where a girl named Elvy is discovering herself and potential, as she finds her independence she runs into a boy named Vun on his travels to The NetherRhi they soon find out the world isn't as it seems.

The world which NetherRhi is set in has been divided into two, The Rhi where Humans live in Kingdoms and The NetherRhi which is owned by Goblins. The two realms often fight each other to own the lands. 

The story of NetherRhi is inspired Medieval and Celtic history in a world where humans seem to be trapped in time.

Inspired from music by early Queen songs "Seven Seas of Rhye", "Nethermore" and "Lily Of The Valley"

NetherRhi was created in 2019 and has been an ongoing project developing the characters and storyline and is considered as my main current project.