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 As a child I dreamed of becoming a singer or writer, I considered Art a hobby as I was not naturally skilled at drawing. I found drawing to be a very relaxing activity and as it helped to put down all my ideas in one place

When I turned 10 years old with the power of the internet and YouTube I discovered Digital Art and fell in love with Anime Art from Japan. I began watching shows and manga such as Mew Mew Power, Full Moon Wo Sagashite and Inuyasha which really inspired my art and passion to become a Manga Artist

For my 11th Birthday I was gifted my first PC and Wacom Tablet, the Wacom Intous 5 which I treasured and used daily. During this time I mainly drew in Sonic and Anime styles until I eventually moved to Anthro in 2015

High School

During High School I was posting my Sonic and Anthro artwork online and was growing a small following on DeviantArt, venturing into Anime styles. My experience of art at school felt very varied depending on the Art classes I had

For my GCSE exams I decided to create art about my experiences with Mental Health and Insomnia