As a child I dreamed of becoming a singer or writer, I considered Art a hobby as I was not naturally skilled at drawing. I found drawing to be a very relaxing activity and as it helped to put down all my ideas in one place

When I turned 10 years old with the power of the internet and YouTube I discovered Digital Art and fell in love with Anime Art from Japan. I began watching shows and manga such as Mew Mew Power, Full Moon Wo Sagashite and Inuyasha which really inspired my art and passion to become a Manga Artist

For my 11th Birthday I was gifted my first PC and Wacom Tablet, the Wacom Intous 5 which I treasured and used daily. During this time I mainly drew in Sonic and Anime styles until I eventually moved to Anthro in 2015

High School

During High School I was posting my Sonic and Anthro artwork online and was growing a small following on DeviantArt, venturing into Anime styles. My experience of art at school felt very varied depending on the Art classes I had

For my GCSE exams I decided to create art about my experiences with Mental Health and Insomnia

College Art & Design

In College I studied Art and discovered many new Art techniques and was able to really experiment with my work. During this time I moved away from my online work to focus on learning more and developing a varied portfolio of work. My tutors pushed me to explore outside my comfort zones, as a result of which I learnt many new skills that have contributed to my current artwork and cartoon style.


While studying Art and Design I was able to hold my first Exhibitions and take part in Competitions

Special Thanks to Simon Beer 

College Game Design

After studying Art and Design I expanded out of my comfort zone to study Game Design and Media Representation

Through the course I discovered new ways Art could be used in media and games because of this I was able to develop new skills, from Media Representation to Concept Art and 3D Modelling using softwares such as 3dsMax, Unreal Engine and Game Maker

I had learnt so much in such a short space of time through this course and I finished college Game Design with the confidence to start creating cartoon Digital Artwork


Special Thanks to Andrew Fitzpatrick and Richard Glover 

2020 - Current

May 25th 2020 I decided to start posting online under the name JLPhillips Creations and dive into creating regularly


I joined many DTIYS Challenges which helped me to develop my own Art style
I am currently working on my own characters and stories to bring happiness to people all over the world